Spa & Gym

Our SPA is well equipped for you to enjoy multiple types of relaxation and to keep you in shape and in good health.

Pool is a separate room in the SPA center with recommended temperature, covering a surface of 70m3.

The gym is surrounded by glass walls and filled with workout equipment for cardio and strength exercises.


Steam room



Dressing Room


Beogradska 21 Spa Center

Privacy Guaranteed

Besides gym, spa, pool, locker room and showers, there is also a lobby where you can sit and relax before entering the SPA center.

SPA is located in lower level and it has it’s own entrance. You can use SPA any day of the week with no limitations.

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Term SPA stands short for “Sanus per aquam” which in free translation means “with water to health”/span.




Owners Only

At Beogradska 21, you will have access to exclusive SPA & Gym available for apartment owners only and it is regulated with tag for opening or with a key that only owners have.

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